Knox/Blount Regional Greenway Master Plan for Maryville, Alcoa and Blount County, Phase One

Information for Baker Creek and Centenary Creek listening sessions November 1,4 and 8, 2010.

Baker Creek and Centenary listening sessions notice

Baker Creek and Centenary watersheds map

Baker Creek and Centenary Fact Sheet

Supplemental Information and Analysis for Blount County Plans - approved August 26, 2010

FOR PUBLIC HEARING - August 26, 2010 - 

Proposed Supplemental Information and Analysis for Blount County Plans

Draft - Supplemental Information and Analysis for Blount County Plans - June 24, 2010

Major Road Plan for Public Hearing December 22, 2009

The following is the presentation used at the public input meeting on greenway planning held October 8 at the Blount County Public Library.  Also shown is a link to a survey for those who either did not attend the meeting or have further comments to submit.

Blount County Greenways Master Plan PowerPoint presentation

Survey Link

Public meeting on Greenways Study on Oct 8, 2009 at 6:30 pm at Blount County Library.

a - Greenway Study Area Map

b - Summary information on Blount County Greenway Plan  

The Blount County Planning Commission adopted a Green Infrastructure Plan on July 23, 2009.  

Click here for copy of the Plan.

The Blount County Planning Commission adopted a revised Policies Plan September 25, 2008.   Click here for copy of the revised Plan.

After a one year review process, the Planning Commission produced a first draft of a revised Policies Plan.  The revised Plan was available for citizen review and comment for approximately two months, and the Planning Commission held a citizen input workshop on July 14, 2008.  Below are the first draft of the revised Plan and related citizen comments.

a - Policies Plan first draft 6-08 for review

b - Report on July 15, 2008 citizen input workshop

c - Raven Society comments

d - Commissioner Wendy Pitts Reeves comments

e - Other Written Comments

The County Planning Commission undertook a review of the 1999 Policies Plan beginning in June of 2007.  Below are summaries and other materials used in review by the Planning Commission. 

Blount County Growth Strategy, sprawl and smart growth background and summary powerpoint presentation

Blount County Policies Plan background and summary, and report of progress powerpoint presentation

1101 Growth Plan review - powerpoint

Conceptual Land Use Plan review - powerpoint

Mountain Area Plan review - powerpoint

Roads and Transportation Plans review

School Plans review

Parks & Recreation Plans review

Water Quality Plan review

EHAT Action Plan review

Report of July 17, 2007 plans review citizen input session (first of series)

Report of August 9, 2007 plans review citizen input session (second of series)

Report of September 24, 2007 plans review citizen input session (third of a series)

Consolidated July, August and September 2007 citizen comments sorted by issue

Polices Plan - Process and Documents

Land Use Plan

Water Quality Plan


Miscellaneous Plans and Studies

Mountain Area Plan - 1998

Hunter Interest Growth Study Final Report

Reflections on the 1101 Process in Blount County
Environmental Health Action Team, “Action Plan and Issue Profiles”
, January 2007, addressing environmental health issues of land use, growth and development, outdoor air quality, and water quality. 
(click here for pdf file)

A Long-Range Facilities Plan for the Blount County School District (1997)

Blount County Roadway Needs Study Update 2004

Maryville-Alcoa-Blount County Comprehensive Parks and Recreation Master Plan (2005)
        1 - Report Cover
        2 - Acknowledgements and Table of Contents
        Section 1 - Introduction
        Section 2 - Demographic Analysis
        Section 3 - Public Input
        Section 4 - Parks and Recreation System Organization
        Section 5 - Program and Budget Evaluation
        Section 6 - Facility Assessments and Recommendations
        Section 7 - Facility Phasing and Cost Recommendations
        Section 8 - Project Funding Recommendations

The State of Planning in Blount County , Tennessee (brochure text September 2006)