Recovery Court

The Mission of the Blount County Recovery Court Program is to provide intensive substance abuse treatment with frequent supervisory contact from the court, treatment, case management, and supervision officers for adult non-violent offenders as an alternative to extended incarceration in the local jail, to break the cycle of recidivism and enhance public safety.

The Blount County Recovery Court team meets weekly to discuss the progress of the individuals participating in the program. In addition to the Recovery Court Staff, the team members include: 
The Honorable Judge Tammy Harrington (Presiding Judge)
Gen. Mike Flynn - Blount County District Attorney
Gen. Ryan Desmond - Blount County District Attorneys Office
Mack Garner- Blount County Public Defender
Matthew Elrod - Blount County Public Defenders Office
Deputy Lisa Ingle- Blount County Sheriffs Office
Sgt. Andy Howdeshell - Blount County Sheriffs Office
Sarah Young - Blount County Community Corrections
Scott Dunkel- Tennessee Department Of Corrections Probation
Shannon Dow- Helen Ross McNabb
Recovery Court Staff (see staff directory)