Doing Business with Blount County

he County currently utilizes an on line bidding system for all competitive sourcing activities.  Vendors interested in responding to the County’s competitive solicitations, are encouraged to register in the on line bidding system for the maximum opportunity of notification when new requests are released.   The County’s Bid Thresholds are:

♦  Purchases Less than $10,000 - departments may purchase within the parameters of the approved departmental budget,

♦  Purchases $10,001 to $24,999 - Departments must obtain three competitive quotes for a single purchase,

♦  Purchases $25,000 and over - must be formally and competitively sourced through a Bid, RFP or any other approved                                                                       competitive formal sourcing mechanism.

Vendor Registration - All Vendors interested in providing goods and services to the County must register in Blount County’s Online Bidding System.  

Vendor Business License Information and requirements are detailed on the associated page by selecting the title link for the page.

Vendors responding to the County’s solicitations will be required to also submit a number of documents associated with their business/organization.  These documents can be obtained on the Vendor Forms page and with each solicitation in the online bidding system.

NIGP Commodity Codes - In the coming months, Blount County will be implementing the use of NIGP Commodity Codes. A list of these codes can be viewed here.    

Blount County Active Contract List.

County Purchasing Law of 1957, Tennessee Code Annotated 5-14-101 et. Seq.