Education Committee

The Education Committee meets with School Board Members and School Director and Supervisors to discuss issues concerning the county schools. This committee is a Standing (Internal) Committee of the Blount County Legislative Body. It is not required by statute and is established by the County Commission. Standing Committees usually have broad areas over which they are responsible for making studies and recommendations back to the full body. These committees continue their operation throughout the year and make periodic reports to the entire body concerning findings of the committee and recommendations on questions submitted to them. Standing Committees have no statutory requirements associated with them and have no independent power to act, and may only make recommendations back to the full county legislative body.

Members serve 1-year term. Appointed on September 20, 2018 by County Commission.  

Member Title
Mike Akard County Commissioner 
Brad Bowers County Commissioner 
Dodd Crowe County Commissioner 
Jim Hammontree County Commissioner 
Staci Lawhorn County Commissioner 
Joe McCulley County Commissioner 
Steve Mikels County Commissioner 
Dawn Reagan County Commissioner 
Tom Stinnett County Commissioner