Agriculture Extension Committee

T.C.A. 49-50-104
The Agricultural Extension committee advises and gives counsel to The University of Tennessee Extension program housed in Blount County. This includes, but is not limited to budget and employment issues, short and long-range program planning goals, etc. The committee meets with the staff of the Blount County Extension office quarterly for reporting and update purposes.

 Members serve 2-year term from January.  County Commission appoints Committee. Committee consists of 3 members of the County Legislative body.  2 farm men and 2 farm women chosen by the county legislative body (7 members with 2 year terms.)  

Member Title
Nick Bright County Commissioner - Reappt. 1/16/20-22
Ron French County Commissioner - Appt. 01/16/20-22
Tom Stinnett County Commissioner - Reappt. 02/21/19-21
Dr. Andy Daugherty Farm Man - Reappt. 01/16/20-22
Rachel Hall Farm Woman - Appt. 02/21/19-21
Susan Keller Farm Woman - Reappt. 02/21/19-21
Allen Martin Farm Man - Reappt. 02/21/19-21