Inspection & Rejection of Incoming Mail

For security reasons incoming and outgoing mail will be inspected.


Items considered contraband will be rejected including, but not necessarily limited to, the following:
  • Cardstock larger than 8.5x11 inches.
  • Defaced or altered cardstock.
  • Cardstock with plastics or other types of wrapping or covering.
  • Cardstock marked with paint, crayons or marker.
  • Cardstock with any type of label, sticker.
  • Cardstock with watermarks or stains.
  • Cardstock containing foreign, biohazard, and /or unidentifiable substances. This includes perfume and lipstick.
  • Threats of physical harm against any person or threats of criminal activity.
  • Information regarding the manufacturing of explosives, weapons, or drugs.
  • Content intended to encourage or assist in disrupting the orderly operation of the facility such as through a criminal act, riot, work stoppage, violence and/ or physical harm to any person, or breach of facility rules.
  • Obscene or sexually explicit material or material that would encourage deviant sexual behavior.
  • Plans for activities in violation of facility rules, or for criminal activity.
  • Correspondence that appears to be in code.
  • Gang-related material.
  • Contraband concealed in postcards may establish a reason for restricting correspondence and possible referral for prosecution.  Contraband will be disposed of in accordance with policies and procedures relating to contraband.
  • If the Mail clerk determines that the contents of any mail may constitute illegally mailed material, the item will be referred to postal authorities.
  • Unless specifically approved in writing by the Mail clerk, correspondence between inmates housed in the ADC or any other detention or correctional facility, and who are not immediate family members (parents, spouse, or sibling), will be routinely rejected.
  • An inmate will be notified in writing of any mail that is rejected and has a chance to appeal the rejection within five (5) business days by filling out a grievance.
  • If an inmate is no longer in our custody the officer will mark out our address, mark” not at this address” then stamp “return to sender” and place it back in the mail.
  • All incoming and outgoing mail will contain a return address including the person’s full name.
  • No internet printouts will be excepted unless it pertains directly to the case an inmate is currently serving time on and/or awaiting to go to trial on.
  • Inmates with less than  $5.00 in their account will be provided 2 free postcards per week upon request. They shall also receive postage for all legal or official mail.
Introducing contraband into a correctional facility (through the mail or by any other means) is a felony. Such activity, or suspected activity, will be investigated for criminal prosecution.