Register of Deeds

Document Recording Fees

We accept cash, check or money orders for recording. We do not accept debit or credit cards at this time. Our documents are not available on line.

Basic Recording Fees

  • $1 Clerk Fee for All Documents With Any Taxable Amount (Warranty Deeds/Trust Deeds/Modifications'/Easements Etc)
  • $12 for a One or Two Pages
  • $5 for Each Additional Reference

Additional Recording Fees

Additional Recording Fees (Add All Fees That Can Apply):
  • Additional Pages or Attachments $5 Per Additional Page
  • Additional References on All Other Documents $5 Per Reference After First
  • (Except Deeds and Trust Deeds)

Transfer/Financing Fees / Taxes

  • Deed Transfer Tax $0.37 Per $100
  • Mortgage Tax $0.115 Per $100
  • The First $2,000 of Indebtedness is Exempt From Mortgage Tax. Add $1 Probate Fee to Total Taxes Paid.


Effective July 1, 2001 all U.C.C.-1 Initial filings will be filed with the Secretary of State's Office in Nashville with the following exceptions:
  • Extracted Collateral - Oil, Gas or Other Minerals That Are Subject to a Security Agreement
  • Fixture Filings - the Collateral is Goods That Are or Are to Become Fixtures, Except That Fixture Filings of Transmitting Utilities Should Be Filed With the Secretary of State
  • Initial Filings With Timber to Be Cut.


Fee Structure

State Tax (if Applicable)


  • $15 for Each Additional Debtor or Assigned Party
  • $15 for First Debtor Up to 10 Pages and $.50; Each Additional Page
  • $11.50 Per $100 After First $2,000 of Indebtedness

UCC-III: Continuations, Assignments & Terminations

$15 for Each Additional Debtor or Assigned Party
$15 for First Debtor Up to 10 Pages and $.50 ; Each Additional Page


If advancing additional money, tax above applies without additional $2,000 exemption. Filing Fee and Register Fee also apply.

Real Estate Certification

  • Certification Fee $1 Per Page
  • Certification Fee Maps $5

Document / Recording Notes / Questions

  • All documents must have Prepared By name and address All rerecording of documents must be re-executed (signed and notarized). The only alternative to re-executing an original document is to record a Scrivener’s Error Affidavit with the previously recorded document being attached as an exhibit or referenced and describing corrections being made.
  • Deeds must have District, Map & Parcel and Responsible Taxpayer name and address. Document Referencing System: Book and Page (format ex.: T508 Pg 61/Bk 1411 Pg 32) We cannot reference documents by instrument numbers.
  • Originals of real estate documents are always returned after recording. A self addressed stamped return envelope is required for return.
  • Trust deeds, mortgages, modification agreements and assignments must include the statement, "Maximum principal indebtedness for Tennessee recording tax purposes is $_____." Even if “0” (Zero).