Work Currently In Progress

Road Pavement

Blount County covers 567 square miles and has approximately 833 miles of roads. Given our current budget, we were able to pave 17 miles last year.


Our sign shop works very hard at keeping all the signs in the county in great shape.


The Highway Department does not remove small or domestic animals from roadways, only large wild animals that are causing a traffic hazard.


The Blount County Sheriff's Office takes care of the litter concerns and clean-up for the county. For information please call 865-273-5007.

Speed Bumps

Due to a moratorium voted in place by the County Commission, we are no longer able to install speed bumps on the roadways. For questions or concerns, please contact your District County Commissioners.

Photo Gallery

View photos of Highway Department crews maintaining Blount County roads.
Man Drawing a Road Sign
Man Creating a Road Sign