Out of Jurisdiction


The following roads do not fall under our jurisdiction and therefore cannot be cleared by our department. Please contact the appropriate entity for clearing snow, debris and for road repairs.

Cities out of Jurisdiction

Highways will begin with a number. Ex: E. Lamar Alex Pkwy = 321
Location Phone Number
Alcoa City 865-380-4846
Friendsville City 865-995-2831
Maryville City 865-273-3302
State Highways 865-594-2400
Town of Louisville 865-681-5551
Townsend City 865-448-6886

Fallen Trees

Trees that have fallen on State or City roads fall under that particular entity's jurisdiction.


Trees that have fallen on power lines on county roads have to be cleared by the power company before we can remove the debris. Please call the power company to report trees on power lines.

Power Companies

Power Company
Phone Number
Fort Loudon Electric 877-353-2674
Sevier County Electric    
South Blount Utilities 865-982-3560
Tuckaleechee Utilities 865-448-2230