Online Services

Some departments are offering online services in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic, and others have online services available at all times. If you have questions about using an online service, call the department you need for more details. 

County Clerk:

Appointments required for passports only. 

(865) 273-5800

Tag Renewals

Handicap Placard Renewals

Marriage License Applications

Notary Public Application

Business License Application

No Parking on County Roads Application

Register of Deeds:

(865) 273-5880

Currently accepting E-File recording using Simplifile and CSC as our Vendors. You will need to contact either company in order to E-record with Blount County.

Simplifile: • 800-460-5657 •

CSC (Corporation Service Company): • 1-866-403-5272 •

In order to perform Title searches, our documents are online: • (615) 223-1823 • e-mail: •

You are able to search for documents recorded in Blount County free for a limited time, (due to COVID-19) then you will be prompted to pay for this service using a monthly subscription provided by US Title Search. If you have any questions, these are our vendors. Call if you need further assistance.


(865) 273-5900

Look up and pay property tax online

Blount County Public Library:

The Blount County Public Library has reopened to the public, and is continuing to offer curbside pickup of materials. More details are available at the Library's website, YouTube Channel, and App. Call 865-982-0981 for further assistance and information.