Departments J-Z

  1. Probation

    We are committed to provide services to members of our community whom have committed Misdemeanor Violations and have been ordered to Probation as an alternative sentence to Jail.

  2. Public Library

    The Blount County Public Library is pleased to provide a broad range of services to our diverse community.

  3. Purchasing

    The Purchasing Department is the central buying agency for Blount County Government.

  4. Records Management

    The purpose of the Blount County Records Management and Archives Department (more widely known as the Archives) is to receive and process both non-current, permanent records and temporary records created by Blount County Government from 1795 to present for as long as materials are needed.

  5. Recovery Court

    The Mission of the Blount County Recovery Court Program is to provide intensive substance abuse treatment with frequent supervisory contact from the court, treatment, case management, and supervision officers for adult non-violent offenders as an alternative to extended incarceration in the local jail, to break the cycle of recidivism and enhance public safety.

  6. Schools

    Blount County Schools

  7. Soil Conservation

    The Blount County Soil Conservation District was established in 1953 as a resource management agency, coordinating and implementing natural resource and environmental programs for Blount County in cooperation with federal, state and local agencies.

  8. Veteran Affairs

    The Blount County Veterans Affairs Office provides accredited representation to Veterans and their family members with VA benefits and assistance in filing the necessary forms as required by the Department of Veterans Affairs.