Highway Department Building
  1. Fleet Maintenance

    The Fleet Maintenance Team is responsible for the upkeep, repairs, maintenance and fabrication needs of all the Highway Department vehicles and equipment.

  2. Inventory & Machine Shop

    The Inventory and Machine Shop Team is responsible for all of the parts/equipment purchases as well as the manufacture of hydraulic hoses and the machining of any needed parts.

  3. Paving Crew

    The Paving Crew is responsible for paving and maintaining the roads of the county.

  4. Sign Shop

    The Sign Shop Team is responsible for the creating, maintenance and installation of all the signage in the county.

  5. Tile Crew

    The Tiling Crew is responsible for the repairs and replacement of tiles, drains and bridge work throughout the county.

  6. Vegetation Control

    The Vegetation Control Team is responsible for mowing the county roads right of way as well as clearing trees, limbs and vegetation that create a hazard for traffic.