Elected Officials

  1. Circuit Court Clerk

    The Circuit Court Clerk's Office serves an important role in the Judicial System of Blount County.

  2. County Clerk

    The County Clerk's office is most likely best known for motor vehicle registration and licensing.

  3. District Attorney General

    The District Attorney General for the Fifth Judicial District has been elected by the voters of Blount County.

  4. Highway Department

    Learn more about the Highway Department.

  5. Judges

    View information about the Judges in Blount County.

  6. Mayor's Office

    The Blount County Mayor's Office is located on the third floor on the breezeway of the Blount County Courthouse.

  7. Property Assessor

    The assessor is required by the Tennessee Constitution to list and value all property subject to ad valorem taxation on an assessment roll each year.

  8. Public Defender

    The Public Defender's office has existed only since 1989.

  9. Register of Deeds

    Find out what the Register of Deeds is responsible for.

  10. Sheriff's Office

    The men and women of the Blount County Sheriff’s Office are committed to the protection of life and property among the citizens of the county, and are committed to providing law enforcement, corrections, and criminal justice services through a partnership with the community that builds trust, reduces crime, creates a safe environment, and enhances the quality of life.

  11. Trustee

    The Blount County Trustee manages a professional business office that collects and accounts for over $180 million annually in State, Federal, and local funds used to operate Blount County Government.