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Mission Statement

The Blount County Probation Department works with the Judicial System and the Community to create a safer society. We are committed to provide services to members of our community whom have committed Misdemeanor Violations and have been ordered to Probation as an alternative sentence to Jail.

Behavior Correction

We strive to correct the behavior that the Violator has presented and transform the Probationer into a Productive Member of Society by enforcing all rules of their Judgment and providing them with the resources such as:
  • Domestic Violence Classes
  • Driving Schools
  • Drug Treatment
  • DUI Schools

Employee Dedication

We take a team-based approach to accomplish our Mission. All employees at our Office are equally important to the success of our Program. To be a Successful Organization, our employees must work together for the common goals by having communication and trust within the Office to create a positive environment for our Clients.

We strive to treat each Probationer with a great deal of respect while still enforcing the laws of the Courts.